Case about:
Development of a design concept and creation of the SeeBeauty company website on the Tilda platform.
To get a website that would contribute to the formation of a positive image of the clinic and would act as an effective tool for its presentation.
Attracting more potential customers and increasing trust in the clinic. The designed website has improved the clinic’s interaction with its clients, which in the long run can lead to increased loyalty and customer retention.
Step 1. Comprehensive research
  • Market research

    The main conclusion: the market of aesthetic medicine clinics has been showing stable growth in recent years, which indicates a high demand for services of this market segment.

  • Competitor analysis

    One of the conclusions: competition in the market of aesthetic medicine clinics is high, due to the presence of a large number of players in the market, as well as a high degree of specialization and qualification of personnel.

  • Target audience analysis

    The main target audience of aesthetic medicine clinics are women aged 25 to 50 years, with an average and high income, actively monitoring their health and appearance.
  • The main thing from the conducted research that influenced the further design process:
  1. The main factors influencing the choice of aesthetic medicine clinics by consumers include the qualifications of the staff, the level of service, the availability of modern equipment and technologies, as well as the reputation and image of the clinic.
  2. One of the most promising areas of development of aesthetic medicine clinics is the development of online sales of services, which can significantly expand the customer base and increase sales.
  3. Due to increasing competition and increasing consumer demands, aesthetic medicine clinics should pay special attention to the development of marketing strategies aimed at increasing brand awareness and creating a unique image in the market.
  4. The target audience of aesthetic medicine clinics actively uses social networks and online resources to obtain information about clinics and services, therefore, the presence of clinics on the Internet and the use of marketing tools in an online environment is extremely important for the successful promotion of the brand on the market.
  • A brandbook was presented by the customer
  • A mudboard has been compiled and references have been selected
  • A font pair was selected based on the clinic's brandbook
Typography and colors selected according to the mudboard

Step 2. Prototyping a website

  • Identified problems and improved the design in accordance with the needs of clients and the goals of the clinic
  • We created a prototype that became the basis for creating a full-fledged website
  • We tested it on the clinic audience

Step 3. Creating a visual concept or UI part

  • We have created all the necessary interface elements, such as buttons, menus and forms.
  • Provided easy navigation and usability of the site for users.
  • We tested the site to make sure that all interface elements work correctly and meet the requirements of the client and the needs of the target audience.
Screen Layouts
  • Made adaptive
Layouts of adaptations for the phone
Participated in the work on the project
Lead designer
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UX/UI, motion designer
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UX/UI designer
UX/UI, motion designer
UX/UI designer
Lead designer
Tilda Specialist