Case about:
Website for monitoring and managing commercial real estate.
  1. Redesign the service design in such a way that users feel comfortable using the existing functionality of the system
  2. Make the system as intuitive as possible for the user.
  3. Make the system "spectacular" from a visual point of view.
As a result of the audit, user path zones have been identified, which we plan to reorganize at the UX stage. Additional functions are highlighted, strengthening which, according to our hypothesis, may make the service more comfortable for the user. The points are highlighted, the revision of the visual of which will enhance the convenience for the user.
Step 1. Collect and analyze marketing information
  • Study and analysis of competitors' advertising

    Identified the key messages, themes and motives that are used in advertising materials, as well as evaluated the design and style that are used to attract attention to the product.

  • Comparison and analysis

    of competitors

    We have formed a product development strategy, improved its functionality and increased competitiveness in the market.

  • Understanding CA, Pain

    and Objections

    Collecting information about problems, expectations. Study of thematic forums. Studying reviews about the company and about competitors.

Step 2. Formation of the logical structure and content of the site based on the conducted research

User case scheme
  • Creating a schematic visualization of this system with entry and exit points for the user
  • A direct visual indication on these diagrams of the changes that we propose to make.
  • Writing and visualization of the elemental composition of screens, if we propose to change them.
  • Explanation how we see the work of the introduced scripts and visual elements, with prototyping for complex and text specifications for simple.
  • Transition to the UI stage.
For the customer was made an interactive prototype with high detail
Step 3. UI Part
  • Coordinate the mudboard
  • Draw a couple of screens on the mudboard in different styles / concepts
Based on the agreed mudboard were presented variants of concepts
  • Provide with a choice of several screens in different concepts
  • After agreeing and approving the selected option, we proceed to drawing the component library
  • Based on the collected library, we draw all the screens of the site / application
Part of the component library
  • Accept your edits as part of the free help and give you the finished result
Part of the case screens that were transferred to development
Participated in the work on the project
UX/UI Designer
Lead designer
more detail
UX/UI designer
more detail
UX/UI, motion designer
UX/UI, motion designer
Lead designer
UX/UI designer
UX/UI designer