Case about:
An advertising page for a fitness app.
Attracting users to download and use the fitness app.
Determine the positioning of the fitness application on the market and create a landing page focused on the target audience and taking into account the needs of competitors.
  1. The landing page contains various elements, such as screenshots, video reviews, instructions for using the application.
  2. Also, the landing page for the fitness application contains buttons for downloading the application on various platforms, such as the App Store and Google Play. This makes the process of downloading and installing the application more convenient for users, which also helps to increase the number of downloads of the application.
Step 1. Comprehensive market, audience
and competitor research
  • Study and analysis of competitors' advertising

    Getting "benefits" from commercial real estate, not having difficulties with document management and operational activities on it;

  • Comparison and analysis

    of competitors

    Risk management, tax calculation, using the NIO/Lease calculator, cadastral value schedule, information about copyright holders. Management of the amount of tax in the context of the year.

  • Understanding CA, Pain and Objections

    Collecting information about problems, expectations. Study of thematic forums. Studying reviews about the company and about competitors.

  • Market analysis of fitness applications


    1. Current state of the fitness app market
    2. Trends and forecasts in the fitness application market
    3. Popular Types of Fitness apps
    4. Distribution of fitness applications by region
  • Competitor analysis

    The result of the analysis:

    1. Identifying competitors in the Fitness app market
    2. A study of the features of the applications offered by competitors has been conducted
    3. The pricing policy of competitors has been determined
    4. The analysis of user reviews of competitors' applications was carried out
  • Target audience analysis


    1. Determination of age, gender, social and professional characteristics of the target audience
    2. Research of the needs and expectations of the target audience from fitness applications
    3. Analysis of the preferences of the target audience by the functionality of the application
    4. Identification of the main channels for attracting the target audience
Step 2. Creating a landing page concept

The unique sale offer differentiating the fitness application from competitors

  • The key advantages of the fitness application have been identified
  • The structure of the landing page has been developed, which is focused on the target audience
  • The tone and style of communication on the landing page is determined
  • A unique sales offer has been created that differentiates the fitness application from competitors.

Step 3. Creating a visual concept

  • At this stage, the landing page design is created:
  1. The visual style that was developed at the previous stage was used and implemented into the design.
  2. The design was made simple, intuitive and attractive.

The main block and screenshots of subsequent landing blocks

  • Was made an adaptive for a phone, tablet
Adaptive for the phone
Participated in the work on the project
more detail
UX/UI designer
Lead designer
UX/UI designer
Lead designer